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eDot Cloud Services

eDot offers a private cloud service model for your company's data and beyond...

With eDots’ Cloud services we leverage our private cloud so you know your data is safe. These days knowing where your data and servers are is almost impossible, with our private cloud we offer a Tier two private data center within the eDot home. There we can securely host your data and backups from your sites giving you the comfort of knowing your information is safe and protected. eDot Insurance Solutions goes beyond the average hosting company by offering server hosting for your phone system as well as your production servers, giving you a true business continuity plan at a fraction of the cost of the big guys. You can rest assure that you know where your company’s data and servers are… safely with us.

Host Your Own Servers with Us

eDot provides options for you to host your own servers within our own private data center. We maintain them and handle all the backups but you own the hardware.

Move Your Servers to our Clusters

We provide a virtual server space so you can eliminate the need to upgrade your hardware, extending your ROI way beyond the five years our competitors will tell you.

Host Your Phones in our Data Center

eDot can transfer your phone system to our data center offering your company the ability to provide uninterrupted communications for your clients and employees without reinvesting in a hosted phone service.

We Manage Your Backups on and Offsite

eDot Cloud Continuity is a premium feature of eDot’s total data backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery solution.
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