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Backups/Business Continuity

eDot has you covered from our own cloud.

eDot Cloud Continuity is a premium feature of eDot’s total data backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery solution. It enables user-managed failover of all backed-up servers and workstations into our secure, private cloud so that you can quickly get back to work from anywhere (home, a temporary office or even Starbucks) without having to set up a new network, firewall, or other infrastructure. Our branded backup appliance replaces the need for tapes or other costly and unreliable methods.

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Data Backups Throughout the Day

With our appliance we reduce your restore points to hours not days giving you increased flexibility and recovery options. Our solution can be customized to fit your business needs.

Offsite Data Replication

Your data is securely replicated over our private cloud to our secure private data center. We always know where your data is and can deliver and restore it quickly.

Virtual Server Hot Fail-Overs

Our appliance is powerful enough to run a virtual copy of your servers. This provides an unseen high availability for small companies, something larger firms have enjoyed for years.

Quick & Easy Data Restoration

eDot’s Backup Appliance gives you the ability to selectively restore individual files, mailboxes, or an entire server quickly and efficiently. Reducing your downtime is critical to avoid losses in productivity and to keeping customer satisfaction levels high.

Backup Auditing

Even though all of our appliances have automated auditing and monitoring we also manually verify your backups and communicate any failures or challenges.

Offsite Disaster Recovery

If an offsite hot site is a part of your E&O, eDot fulfills your need with our premium services offering fail-over for your servers as well as your communications. Your business never misses a beat keeping your clients and employees happy and productive.